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Warranty Information

M&S Roofing Warranty Information:

Duration of Warranty:

At M&S Roofing and Contracting, we stand behind the quality of our products and installations with robust warranties. The specific duration of your warranty will be determined by the scope of work involved in your project. Your dedicated customer service representative will provide detailed information regarding your warranty when your proposal is submitted. Feel free to inquire about the terms and coverage to ensure you have a clear understanding of the protection provided.

Handling Any Issues:

In the rare event that you encounter an issue with your installation, we encourage you to reach out to us promptly. You can contact us at 215-489-4245, and our team will swiftly address the problem. Our priority is to ensure your satisfaction and resolve any concerns you may have with the installation. Rest assured, we are committed to providing prompt and effective solutions to uphold the integrity of our workmanship.

Why A Roofing Warranty Is Important:

A solid warranty is crucial for any roofing project as it provides essential protection and peace of mind for homeowners and business owners alike. Firstly, a warranty serves as a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship. It demonstrates the roofing company's confidence in their work and assures customers that their investment is backed by a commitment to excellence. With a solid warranty in place, customers can trust that the roofing materials and installation have undergone rigorous testing and meet industry standards, reducing the likelihood of issues arising in the future.

Moreover, a comprehensive warranty offers financial protection against unexpected repairs or replacements. Roofing projects can represent a significant investment, and unforeseen issues can lead to additional expenses down the line. A warranty that covers both materials and labor ensures that any defects or problems arising from the installation process are promptly addressed at no extra cost to the customer. This financial safeguard provides reassurance and minimizes the risk of financial strain associated with roofing issues.

Furthermore, a strong warranty enhances the overall value of the property. A well-maintained roof not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of a home or building but also plays a critical role in protecting its structural integrity. By choosing a roofing company that offers a reliable warranty, property owners can maintain the value of their investment and instill confidence in potential buyers or tenants. A robust warranty serves as a testament to the quality of the roofing workmanship, contributing to the property's long-term durability and resale value.


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