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After the Storm Call a Southampton Roofer - Here's Why

Storms bring high winds, driving rain, ice, snow and hail, and are common in the Southampton, PA area. Many homeowners don't take the time to climb up on the roof and check for damage following a storm. As a result, small injuries often have the opportunity to grow larger - and more expensive. Following any significant weather event, either call a Southampton roofer who does residential roofing (or commercial roofing, if you own a business establishment) to come and take a quick look go up on your roof yourself.

What to Look for Following a Storm

Using a stable and secure ladder, climb up to the roof and look around. Check for loose gutters, and for asphalt granules within the gutters. If your storm involved hail, look for dings and shingles that appear to have been irregularly "scoured," which is caused by the hail prematurely removing the shingles protective coating. Note damaged skylights, vents, chimneys and any holes where a branches may have penetrated the roof. Look carefully, for such holes can be small, and the branch may have continued on its way.

Document the Damage

Most storm damage to a building's roof will be covered by the home or business owner's insurance policy. Document as much of the damage as possible. Take photographs of any remaining hail alongside a familiar object or a ruler, to establish its size. Photograph the damage, including branches, before they are removed. Also photograph any shingle residue you find in the gutters.

Get Needed Repairs ASAP

As soon as you can after ascertaining the damage, call a qualified roofing contractor to make your roof repairs. In some cases, the damage may be so great the entire roof will need to be replaced. If many homes in the area were affected, there may be a delay before the contractor can get to you. In this case, cover the damaged area with a tarp to prevent any additional water damage.

Experts throughout the roofing industry advise homeowners to contact a roofer for an evaluation of any possible damage after a severe storm. In the event of damage, the contractor will provide you not only with a list of damages, but also with a repair estimate, which will help when you contact your insurance company. Your insurance company might dispute your claim and evidence, but will find it more difficult to contest a roofing specialist's analysis and recommendation.


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