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There is a simple way to ensure that your roofing experience is one you can brag about to friends and family. Call M&S Roofing and Contracting now! We'll schedule your appointment, then come out to your home or office and have a look at your project. Shortly after, we will submit a complete plan for your job, along with all of the details so that you know exactly what to expect.

 We will do it correctly the first time:

M&S Roofing and contracting has been serving Holland, PA for more than 30 years, and during that time we have seen just about everything. We know how to take of your roof, siding and more to ensure that your home or office is more secure, more efficient and protects your family from the elements. M&S Roofing and Contracting does not cut corners on any project, and you will see the quality of our installations with the beauty and longevity of your new roof system.

What to expect from us:

When you call M&S Roofing and Contracting, we will meet you at your home in Holland to discuss your project and gather measurements and details. Once we have all of the information we need, we will put together a quote and explain all of the details of your project. You'll have plenty of time to look over the quote and make a decision. Once you have signed your contract we will schedule your upcoming project at a time that does not interfere with your schedule, and let you know exactly what to expect while we are working. As every project is different, call us today to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tamko Shingles

  • PHI WeatheredWood CHC
    PHI WeatheredWood CHC
  • PHI ThunderStormGrey ANC
    PHI ThunderStormGrey ANC
  • PHI RusticSlate CHC
    PHI RusticSlate CHC
  • PHI RusticRedwood CHC
    PHI RusticRedwood CHC
  • PHI RusticEvegreen CHC
    PHI RusticEvegreen CHC
  • PHI RusticCedar CHC
    PHI RusticCedar CHC
  • PHI RusticBlack CHC
    PHI RusticBlack CHC
  • PHI PaintedDesert ANC
    PHI PaintedDesert ANC
  • PHI OldeEnglishPewter CHC
    PHI OldeEnglishPewter CHC
  • PHI NaturalTimber ANC
    PHI NaturalTimber ANC
  • PHI MountainSlate ANC
    PHI MountainSlate ANC
  • PHI HarvestGold ANC
    PHI HarvestGold ANC
  • PHI BlackWalnut ANC
    PHI BlackWalnut ANC
  • PHI AutumnBrown ANC
    PHI AutumnBrown ANC

Tamko Shingle Houses

  • 950 Her Clas 5
  • 950 Her Clas 4
  • 950 Her Clas 3
  • 950 Her Clas 2
  • 950 Her Clas 9
  • 950 Her Clas 8
  • 950 Her Clas 7
  • 950 Her Clas 6

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Tamko Brochures

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  • Sample Timberline Hickory
  • Hunter Green
  • Barkwood
  • Sample NaturalShadow HunterGreen
  • Shakewood
  • Barkwood