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Prior to a Richboro Roofer Roofing Your Home, Learn the Pros and Cons of Available Roofing Material Options!

Never before in the history of the Richboro roofer construction industry have there been so many options from which to choose for a home's roof covering. In fact, it has actually become a viable means that a homeowner can use to express his creativity and personal tastes! Where once the primary covering for virtually every roof was the tried and true organic black asphalt shingle, today homeowners can make their residential roofing selection from a dizzying array of materials and colors to suit virtually every taste and budget. Follow along and learn about the pros and cons of some of the more popular roofing material choices available on the market today!

Composition Shingles

Composition shingles are the traditional roofing choice. They come in a range of qualities, from simple paper and asphalt organic shingles to fiberglass composites that last longer, offer good fire protection and which come in a range of colors. They're primarily intended for roof systems that have a pitch adequate to shed water. They have a life span that ranges from 20 to 45 years. While vulnerable to wind and water damage in extreme storms, they are an excellent and cost effective roof covering, particularly when properly maintained. Every Richboro roofer has vast experience in composition shingle roof installation.

Wooden Shakes

Shakes made from wood, such as cedar, provide a rustic and natural appearance and are rated to last as long as 30 years. No two roofs made from wooden shakes will ever look quite the same because no two shakes are ever identical. Wooden shakes provide quality insulation while still allowing the house to "breathe." Pressure treated shakes are saturated in fire retardants and therefore meet all national safety standards for fire. Wooden shakes vary in quality depending upon the manufacturer, and should only be installed by an experienced roofing contractor.

Slate Shingles

Shingle-like slivers of slate is one of the highest quality roofing materials that you can buy, but it is expensive. It provides homes upon which it is used with a beautiful as well as virtually permanent roof. One interesting feature of slate shingles is that they can be placed upon the roof in a number of different patterns. It is rare for roof repairs to be required when one has a slate roof. Slate provides excellent fire protection, comes in an assortment of natural colors and is impervious to both rot and insect damage. The shingles are heavy, however, and at times require under structure reinforcements. Care should be taken when walking upon a slate roof as the tiles will break if subjected to enough weight.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles usually provide a Southwestern, or Spanish flair. Although structurally different, they offer many of the same benefits and disadvantages as slate shingles. They're virtually permanent, yet fragile if walked upon. They are heavy and may require additional support. They are not subject to insects or rot and will not burn. Most clay tile roofs can be expected to outlive the home upon which they reside!

Metal Roofing

Today metal roofing is extremely popular. In fact, standing seam steel is one of the most requested types of both residential and commercial roofing ! Metal can also be formed to provide the appearance of shakes, tiles or shingles. Metal - no matter the type - is durable, fire resistant and practically free of any need for maintenance. In addition, it frequently reduces heating and cooling costs as it reflects instead of absorbs the sun's rays.


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