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Today's Residential Roofing Products Add Curb Appeal

Most homeowners are concerned with the look of their property and will select exterior materials that enhance the home's value over those that are less attractive. When it comes to selecting roofing products, most homeowners are concerned about how the curb appeal will be affected by the new roof style and color. Once installed, they are often surprised by how much better a home can look when quality products, styles and colors are used.

In the past, there were few options from which homeowners were able to choose. Three tab shingles in various shades of gray, brown or black were the primary choices offered by shingle producers. On occasion, slate or tile were used, but the cost of those products was, and continues to be, cost prohibitive for most people. Today, however, shingles are offered in a wild array of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to be much more creative in matching their home to its surroundings while still sticking to a budget. In addition, steel is now commonly used in many areas.There are advantages and disadvantages to each product, but a professional roofing contractor will walk through the options with customers to make sure they get the result they want.

Roofing Material

Curb appeal is created not just by one element of a home's exterior, but rather by the combination of many elements. Roofing material choices are important, but landscaping, siding, and items like driveways and sidewalks are also a part of the overall picture. Other items, like custom decks and gazebos, create part of an entire package that makes a home truly appealing. Professional roofers help clients to make choices that enhance overall effect.

When consulting a Bucks County contractor, asking about the many roofing options available is the first step in selecting a new roof. Although color is important, there are products available that use subtle hues and textures to give a roof character that cannot be obtained by entry level roofing options. While quality roofing products require a higher initial investment than minimal quality products, the added expense is worth it for homeowners who value curb appeal. Using better residential roofing products results in a quality look that is obvious to even casual observers.

Better Quality Roofing Products

Longevity is another factor homeowners should consider carefully when selecting any residential roofing material. In addition to adding curb appeal, better quality roofing products last longer. While budget considerations are always important, professional roofers know the value of using high-end materials, especially in regions where snow and hail are common. Better quality roofing products simply stand up better under adverse weather conditions.

Another option to consider when installing a new roof is steel. Many municipalities actively discouraged metal roofing for residential properties in the past, as the only metal roofing available was galvanized, and it was not attractive. Today, steel roofing is available in a variety of colors and styles designed to be acceptable to even the most jaded skeptics. As a rule, steel roofing can be more expensive than shingle products, but there are benefits to using steel. The primary advantage is its durability. Steel will last for many years and maintenance, while required, is minimal.

Working with a professional roofing contractor will help homeowners to improve curb appeal while, at the same time, protect their home investment for many years to come.


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