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How to Locate the Right Jamison Roofer to Work on Your Home's Roof

When your home's roof is replaced with a newer system or altered by roof repairs, there is a sense in which the future of all you hold dear is at stake - literally. When you hire a roofing company to work on your roof, it is vital for the protection of your property that the work be executed properly and that quality materials be used. The average homeowner knows little about roofing, and rarely will bother to closely inspect the roofer's work. Therefore, the importance of hiring the right roofing company is magnified, for much depends upon the company's reputation for good workmanship, honesty and integrity. So, how do you find a good Jamison roofer?

Make a List of Prospective Roofers

Start with the telephone book or Internet search engine. Initially, you want to gather a list of prospective roofers to investigate further. Ask friends, stop at construction sites, inquire at the building supply store. Spend several days gathering names of prospective roofers who work in your area and who provide the type of roof structure you desire.

Play Detective - Ask Questions, and Narrow Your List

Make a second list, this one with questions to answer with regard to each roofing contractor on your list. Apply these questions to every Jamison roofer on your list and use it as your means eliminate some of them. Are the roofers on your list:

  • Established in a permanent place of business with a website, physical address, business phone, etc.?
  • On Yelp? Angie's List? Listed with the Better Business Bureau? Note what reviewers have to say and whether or not any complaints have been lodged. (The presence of complaints is not as significant as is their successful resolution.)
  • Does the roofer advertise that he is licensed, bonded and insured? While you can always check to make certain, those that advertise so usually are. A roofer that complies with local regulations is one more likely to give your roof equal attention than one who cuts legal corners.
  • Does this roofer currently offer the residential roofing or commercial roofing style you desire? You shouldn't be the one to pay for his "on the job" training.
  • Does the roofer belong to state or national roofing industry institutions? This shows initiative and interest in professionalism and is often is the means by which roofers stay abreast of cutting edge changes within their trade.

Make Contact

  • Rank your list and then make appointments (one at the time) with the top three roofers to give you a job proposal. This should be presented in writing, along with a time and cost estimate as well as a list of materials.
  • Ask to see proof of the contractor's liability insurance and workers' compensation coverage.
  • Ask how many workers will be needed to complete the job and who will be present to supervise them.
  • Ask for references to call, and to see other roofs in your area where work similar to yours has been performed.
  • Ask about the type of materials that will be used on your roof, what their warranty might be and why they were chosen.
  • Find out if a warranty is offered, what it covers and for how long. Get it in writing.

By now, you should have one or more roofing contractors about whom you feel positive enough to award the job. At this point consider things such as scheduling, communication and how to resolve potential conflict resolution. Fortunately, by having done your due diligence well up to this point, it's highly unlikely for any conflicts to arise!


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