New Siding Products Enhance Home Exteriors

The use of siding defines the look of any home. Through the years, builders achieved changes in style by altering the materials or design of home siding. Everything from lap siding to shakes saw popularity at different times. In fact, some siding patterns are closely associated with specific historical periods. The Victorian era, for example, is known for its use of siding detail to establish a certain look. Now, using modern materials, not only can siding details from virtually any period be recreated, but new styles that will define today's designs are constructed with long-lasting materials.

Restoring a historic home creates a multitude of problems for architects and contractors. Many of the materials used in the past are no longer available. Inventories of wood used for siding and trim simply do not exist. Even when specialty companies may be able to recreate exterior elements for restoration, the cost is out of reach for most people. Modern producers of siding products have stepped in, offering products that mimic the look of historic products without the high cost. Instead, they use modern materials that are molded to achieve the desired look. While not historically correct, the siding and trim products allow homeowners to achieve an accurate look without being excessively expensive.

Newer Siding Materials

Around the country, building professionals are rapidly adopting newer materials for both remodeling and new construction. The move toward infill homes, for example, produces a need for construction to match other properties in the neighborhood. Modern products allow building homes using intricate siding and trim without the costs associated with obtaining wood versions of those designs. This type of construction allows builders to construct new homes from historic designs efficiently while still retaining an authentic look and feel.

Homeowners can take advantage of newer, more energy efficient products for any siding project. While aluminum and vinyl products have been offered for many years, newer versions of products using those materials are vastly improved over older versions. Insulated siding, virtually unheard of in the past, is now commonly used to increase the thermal efficiency of homes. Soffits, fascias and gutters made of modern materials work together to create long lasting exteriors that require only minimal maintenance.

Today's move toward expanding living areas to exterior spaces is also expanding rapidly. Decks, patios and gazebos are now commonly used for cooking, dining and entertaining. Many of the materials used to create those environments are also man-made, as maintenance can be greatly reduced. Man-made materials also tend to last longer as they are not subject to rot or insect infestations, minimizing future repair needs.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Modern fence products are also available in a wide variety of styles and colors to enhance both the home and the outdoor living spaces. Even small yards can quickly be converted to private havens where families can enjoy the outdoors without interference from activities in neighboring yards. Like siding and trim products constructed of man-made materials, modern fencing products look good for many years with minimal maintenance.

Working with construction experts well versed in all the construction options allows homeowners to complete projects that both enhance the value of a new or existing home, and add to or improve living areas. New siding and trim products, combined with craftsmanship, add long-term value to any home.

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