Ideal Roofing Company

Manufacturer Information

Quality Roofing from Ideal Roofing - Metal Roofing Manufacturer

Established in 1929:
Since its establishment in 1929, Ideal Roofing has been a leading manufacturer of quality steel roofing and siding products. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, Ideal Roofing has earned a solid reputation for providing dependable products and exceptional customer service.

Diverse Clientele:
Ideal Roofing serves a wide range of clients across Canada's six eastern provinces and the Northeastern United States. From agricultural and commercial to industrial, institutional, and residential buildings, their steel roofing and siding panels cater to various sectors with distinct needs and requirements.

Extensive Product Range:
Ideal Roofing offers a comprehensive selection of steel building panels at competitive prices. These panels are available in a variety of gauges, coil widths, and profiles, each tailored for specific applications. Customers can choose from plain galvanized, plain galvalume, and pre-painted galvanized steel options, with over 30 vibrant and durable colors available to personalize their buildings.