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ABC Metal Roofing


ABC Metal Roofing

Leading Manufacturer

American Building Components: A Trusted Provider for Over a Century

American Building Components (ABC) is a renowned leader in the supply of metal roofing systems, metal wall panels, and building components tailored for various projects including commercial, residential, post-frame, and agricultural buildings.

A Legacy of Trustworthiness

For more than 100 years, customers have relied on ABC for their building needs. With a proven track record of reliability and durability, ABC continues to be a preferred choice among consumers seeking high-quality construction materials.

Commitment to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

As an Energy Star® partner, ABC is dedicated to offering sustainable and energy-efficient products. ABC's specialized paint coatings, known as Cool Roof Colors, not only enhance the longevity of their products but also contribute to improved energy performance. These energy-efficient attributes may even qualify customers for IRS tax credits, making ABC's products an environmentally conscious and financially beneficial choice for homeowners and builders alike.