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Lansdale Roofing Contractor Roofer

Key Signs You Need the Services of a Top Lansdale Roofer

A good roofing contractor who does both residential roofing and commercial roofing is in a position to help you determine whether your roof needs repairs before small problems grow to be large ones. If you've been in your home close to that many years, or purchased an older home, it's wise to be aware of the signs its time to have the roof replaced before it starts to leak. Key indicators you might need to call a Lansdale roofer for roof repairs include:

  • Attic leaking following wind and rain - Rain that falls straight down often will not penetrate a failing roof until the roof's damage is well established. Water blown by fierce winds, on the other hand, is much more likely to find places to penetrate, and thus serves as an early warning system. Water in the attic following blowing rain may indicate that your flashing is compromised, or that you have inadequate or failing shingle underlayment. Water in the attic may also be observed when a roof is approaching the end of its life after substantial ice buildup melts away.
  • Missing, Curling and/or Cracking Shingles - This one is a dead giveaway, especially if the problem is generalized over the entire roof's surface. This home's roof needs to be replaced ASAP.
  • Shingles are Changing Color - Shingles that have a "patchy" look to them may be losing their waterproof asphalt granule coating, and may be approaching the end of their useful life. This diagnosis can be confirmed by the presence of the granules in the home's gutters.
  • Swelling and Decay of Sheathing and Fascia - Look for exterior signs of decay, and also, for any ripples or waves that may be present. These indicate that moisture has penetrated the shingles and caused the substructures to swell.
  • Interior Leaks - By the time you find yourself placing a bucket beneath a drip in the interior of your home you've got serious roof issues going on. It may be that a branch has penetrated in one particular spot, or that the entire roof is due for replacement, but its definitely time to call for help because the damage will do nothing but expand.

Any good Lansdale roofer will come out and inspect your roof on an annual basis for a nominal fee. Availing yourself of this preventive service will ultimately save you money by catching small problems and repairing them early.

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With a full line of residential and commercial roofing solutions, M&S Roofing has the experience and expertise to solve almost any roofing problem you might have.

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